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156 1924-10-01 Press clipping/s Articles concerning the example shown by Hays' initiatives in the motion picture industry, in demonstrating the advantag...
2052 1927-05-17 Press clipping/s Extracts from press reports on founding of the Academy
402 1928-08-08 Press clipping/s "Talkies Cite Free Speech in War on Censor." Article from The New York Telegram. There is also a smaller clipping, "Ta...
1287 1928-08-08 Press clipping/s Press clippings on Joy's trips round censor boards include the claim that Joy's work saved the studios $3.5m in producti...
1447 1928-09-01 Press clipping/s Press clipping from Church Management entitled "When King of Kings Came to Our Town". Very positive description of the f...
2467 1932-01-07 Press clipping/s Howard Hughes' Cock o' the Air has been approved for release.
1817 1932-04-22 Press clipping/s Merger of distribution facilities of independent companies looks likely.
792 1932-04-26 Press clipping/s Hughes planning to challenge New York censor board in court over Scarface.
916 1933-02-01 Press clipping/s Paramount receivership.
2016 1933-02-01 Press clipping/s Newspaper reports of RKO receivership -- January and February, 1933.
1940 1933-02-02 Press clipping/s Chronological events in the RKO receivership: January and February, 1933.
993 1934-03-21 Press clipping/s Announcing MPPDA ban on Dillinger films.
2299 1934-03-21 Press clipping/s Newspaper stories on Dillinger and on possibility of a picture about him
1992 1934-08-14 Press clipping/s The injunction banning double features in Cleveland is deemed legal. Includes related clippings.
1986 1934-08-17 Press clipping/s Warner Bros. and Skouras have agreed with Allied Theatres plan not to show double features in New Jersey. Loew's is also...
1987 1934-10-04 Press clipping/s Several clipping concerning the double features situation in Cleveland.
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