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3041 1939-10-11 Letter Operation of American motion picture companies in the United Kingdom.
3009 1939-10-04 Letter A letter received by Pettijohn from the president of a distillers corporation -- his view is that the movies should not ...
3014 1939-09-16 Letter Regarding Hays' recent letter on the importance of not allowing propaganda to be produced by the industry in relation to...
1202 1939-09-15 Letter With the onset of war in Europe, Hays reiterates his position that the motion pictures are primarily entertainment and t...
3043 1939-08-10 Letter Regarding the bill concerning tax and regulation of the exhibition of foreign films in Cuba.
3042 1939-08-07 Letter Regarding the exhibition of American motion pictures in France since the modification of the French Film Decree.
3044 1939-07-27 Letter Regarding the proposal to improve the quality of American motion pictures exhibited in Chile.
1204 1939-07-19 Letter Complaint that chain theatres fail to support the lobbying efforts of the independent theatres, and do not pull their fi...
3045 1939-07-17 Letter Concerning the ban of the Universal film The Road Back in Honduras and Peru.
1205 1939-06-24 Letter Hoover asks whether he should participate in a series of filmed interviews planned by Eugene Lyons.
2981 1939-06-20 Letter Sending Columbia a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and the by-laws of the MPPDA.
3053 1939-06-18 Letter Bill imposing restrictions on American motion picture interests in Denmark.
3024 1939-06-08 Letter Sending the extended licensing agreement between Progressive Education Association and members -- there has been a delay...
3047 1939-05-17 Letter Regarding proposed bill in Japan relating to the exhibition of foreign motion pictures.
3046 1939-05-17 Letter Regarding the motion picture situation in the Netherlands -- exhibition of American motion pictures?
3064 1939-05-01 Letter United Artists is attempting to ascertain the full financial details of its Spanish subsidiary.
2978 1939-05-01 Letter Asking if the Independent Motion Pictures Producers Association is still functioning? Chadwick is forming a production c...
3048 1939-04-29 Letter Motion pictures in Buenos Aires -- no details provided. Presumably exhibition of foreign films.
3040 1939-04-27 Letter Libel suit against Republic Pictures' film Man of Conquest.
3018 1939-04-14 Letter Hays feels all reissues should incur a $25.00 PCA fee.
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