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2999 1939-04-10 Pamphlet "The Right of Privacy: A New Branch of Law."
3000 1939-04-10 Pamphlet "New Principles of the Law of Radio".
2473 1935-12-24 Pamphlet An Allied States "White Book" - a summary of Allied States position on block booking motion pictures and blind selling.
2515 1935-01-01 Pamphlet Publicity brochure describing a tour of Fox's Movietone City.
981 1934-12-11 Pamphlet 'The Screen's Contribution to the Prevention of Crime : A Tender of Cooperation by the MPPDA to A Conference on Crime Sp...
1014 1934-11-02 Pamphlet '11 Broken Promises of the Motion Picture Trade.
1015 1934-11-02 Pamphlet 'Relationship of the School to Motion Pictures in Theatres" by Catheryne Cooke Gilman.
2332 1934-10-02 Pamphlet Copy of a booklet on the use of film as an educational tool for medical and surgical procedures. The information is to b...
3352 1934-05-28 Pamphlet MPRC pamphlet: "Motion Pictures: Will You Help Remove This Wall? Community Freedom in the Choice of Films." Cover only
1013 1934-05-07 Pamphlet 'The Case Against Federal Regulation of Motion Pictures" -- Pettijohn brief in opposition to HR6097 -- printed, 66 pp...
2298 1934-01-01 Pamphlet Copy of advertising code in pamphlet form.
1797 1933-04-28 Pamphlet A plan for self-regulation in the elimination of unfair advertising practices. National Better Business Bureau.
2235 1931-06-29 Pamphlet FCCCA report on "The Public Relations of the Motion Picture Industry"
3345 1931-06-22 Pamphlet Pamphlet announcing the National Council on Freedom from Censorship, organized by the American Civil Liberties Union
750 1931-01-01 Pamphlet 'And Still it Grows" motion pictures moral standards Production Code
3344 1930-11-01 Pamphlet "Sight and Sound in Industry and Education". pamphlet for RCA Sound Studios for the production of industrial and educati...
676 1930-07-01 Pamphlet Code in French, German, Spanish sent with copy of Archbishop Hayes letter to Parsons
668 1930-04-01 Pamphlet Parent-Teacher Manual for Previewers
2239 1930-04-01 Pamphlet The "New" Code of Morals for the Movies!"
672 1930-03-31 Pamphlet Reasons Supporting A Code to Govern the Making of Motion and Talking Pictures -- Formulated by MPPDA and AMPP -- Red...
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