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2090 1928-03-29 Press clipping New York Times clipping on increasing murder rate.
1452 1928-04-19 Press clipping Clipping from Film Daily about DAR's annual report. Entitled "Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Would Have Stat...
1875 1931-03-03 Press clipping Regarding Monogram Pictures producing plans for its first year -- proposing to make twenty-eight films.
1703 1932-01-12 Press clipping Scarface will be released under the title "The Shame of a Nation" (later changed to "Scar of a Nation").
1697 1932-04-04 Press clipping World test premiere of Scarface - film widely praised as a "tremendous document against crime", according to Schenck.
1692 1932-04-23 Press clipping "Hughes Defies Film Moguls and Political Bosses With Scarface." Hughes announces the film will not be released under the...
1693 1932-04-23 Press clipping Discusses the battle Hughes must fight to have film released. Not negative.
791 1932-05-04 Press clipping No more gangster films to be shown in Lowell, Massachusetts - Scarface banned.
1690 1932-05-18 Press clipping "Conley Sanctions Gangdom Picture". Discusses similarities between Scarface and the life of Al Capone.
827 1932-09-21 Press clipping MPTOA-Allied States meeting in Chicago endorses Bill for federal regulation of industry.
1780 1932-09-21 Press clipping MPTOA and Allied to jointly draft federal bill to regulate industry.
1724 1932-12-15 Press clipping "Physical Distribution Merger Now Discussed." This plan is supposed to be confidential. MPPDA unhappy it is in press.
1723 1932-12-16 Press clipping "$9,000,000 Seen Saved if Merger Plan Clicks. Outlining the planned merger in physical distribution- suspected source is...
1798 1933-02-01 Press clipping "Allied Heads Aim Attack at Receiverships". Sparked by the Paramount Publix and RKO receiverships.
1949 1933-02-10 Press clipping '"U" Theatre Chain Enters Receivership." Universal Chain Theatre Corp. has entered receivership, but this does not affec...
1927 1933-03-04 Press clipping "Paramount Creditors Vote to Continue Business."
1945 1933-05-24 Press clipping Tiffany can no longer use that name -- a suit brought about by Tiffany & Co., the jewellers.
1869 1933-05-29 Press clipping Report that Monogram is soon to decide whether to join the MPPDA or not.
1829 1933-07-10 Press clipping Monogram is refusing to take part in any fight to eliminate double featuring.
1825 1933-08-05 Press clipping "95 Percent of 1,110 Exhibitors Want Double Featuring Stopped."
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