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Col. Jason S. Joy
MPPDA (Committee on Public Relations)
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MPPDA - Public Relations Committee
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Report on conference convened by Better Films Committee of Atlanta - apparently the 1st such - establishment of organization of such committees in Southeast - working on Children's matinees, endorsement in cooperation with exhibitors - proposal to have regional conferences to encourage such committees elsewhere in US.


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Report on conference convened by Better Films Committee of Atlanta, held on July 23. Their activities embrace Children's Matinees, Endorsements, etc. They seem to wield a lot of power. For example: A significant thing happened in Atlanta recently. The manager of the Howard Theatre was withdrawn. In working with the Better Film Committee the owners felt he catered too much to the highbrows, too little to the shop girl, the laborer and the so-called average movie fan. After three or four months of opposition the successor stated at the Conference Luncheon that he was there to offer his full cooperation to the Better Film Committee in the future. Joy sought the Committee's affiliation with the Public Relations. Committee. 6 film synopses."Fine pictures only are endorsed; there is no classification "good", "bad", "Fair" etc. Through the press, telephones, and mail, and cooperating with the exhibitor in every way, the committee then seeks to ensure an increased patronage for the endorsed picture. In the case of pictures deemed harmful to the community, the committee may request its withdrawal and in several actual instances the picture has been withdrawn by the exhibitor. Failing this the committee may invoke existing laws against indecent and immoral performances. It is a vitally important fact that here is a movement which exhibitors, and the industry as a whole favor. It enables the theatre to stand side by side with other civic institutions as the recreational center of the community and, in so doing, serves to swell box-office receipts."

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