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R. B. Wilby, Valatenga Theatres, Atlanta
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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MPPDA - Reaffirmation
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Clearly establishing his company's stance against salacious advertising. Notes the position of the chain - Atlanta - in the "aptly named Bible Belt". Agrees with Hays letter on reaffirmation of Advertising Code - complains over advertising of Frisco Jenny and Temple Drake - WB and Paramount - also doesn't agree with Hays threat to appeal to the public - it is like Allied States attitude to inter-company disagreements.


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April 12, 1933 R.R. WILBY, Valencia Theatres, Atlanta, to HAYS responding to letter sent to Theatre managers, same text as letter to Advertising men. I rather thoroughly agree with practically all you say ... You may not know it but the theatres which we operate ... have continuously taken a very strong stand against salacious or suggestive advertising, and against the playing of salacious or suggestive pictures. We have steadfastly refused to play the DAMAGED GOODS type of sex picture, refused to play GOONA GOONA because of the advertising of nudity, and generally taken that sort of position. We have done this in the face of trade paper advertising of the type which Warner Bros. issued for FRISCO JENNY, and of the type which Paramount is issuing on SHAME OF TEMPLE DRAKE. As against that, we have seen with a good deal of concern, the production of pictures of the type of FRISCO JENNY and the injection of burlesque gags into almost all of the 2-reel comedies. Being in what has so aptly called [sic] "The Bible Belt", we are probably a bit more careful and a bit more concerned about these things than most of the rest of the industry, and, therefore, are very strongly with you in your stand against them. I am just a little bit concerned, however, about your statement that "I propose to appeal to the public, whose servant, after all, the industry is and on whose support the industry must depend for its sustenance." This, if you do not mind my saying so, sounds very much like the position which was taken by Allied in regard to certain inter-company differences; that it they could not have things their way, they would do whatever might be necessary to pull down the entire house.

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