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MPPDA - Reaffirmation
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Enclosed is a memo 29 March 1933 to Laemmle Jr. clearly stating the "new regime" in relation to the Production and Advertising Code. A very strong Watch Your of MPPDA Board of Directors meeting on Production Code and Advertising Code reaffirmation.A warning that Hays is going to make an example of the next objectionable film that comes along: "it will not be shown in any of the theatres affiliated with the producers."


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March 29, 1933. COCHRANE sent HAYS a copy of his memo to JUNIOR LAEMMLE There is going to be a new deal in the matter of objectionable pictures from now on. At the meeting we held this week in the Hays office, it was decided that if any company insists upon releasing any picture which does not come within the code, it will not be shown in any of the theatres affiliated with the producers - no matter what company makes the offensive picture. Each company pledged itself to this. Harry Cohn said the trouble has been that no studio really thinks severe action will be taken and for that reason the code has been violated time after time. He added that if Mr. Hays and the Board would stop just one picture - the first bad one that came along - the whole thing would be cured quickly. Mr. Zukor said that he is for the new deal, even if the first picture stopped happened to be a Paramount. And so on around the Board. Some of the recent pictures have raised the very devil and all of us were suffering from it. As it happens, the only objection to a Universal picture was the vulgar stuff in THE BIG CAGE about which I kicked to you as soon as I saw the picture. But if you are working on anything else which might violate the code, watch your step because now of all times we cannot afford to have a picture shelved. Mr. Hays will explain all of this to you and the studio heads when he comes to the coast, but this advance tip may save you some trouble.

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