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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
MPPDA (members)
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MPPDA - Reaffirmation
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Company presidents should write to their production heads that the Production Code situation is critical, as Hays says it is, and inform studio heads of the drastic action that is going to be taken. The trend in recent pictures must stop.


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March 28, 1933. HAYS to KENT. Similar letter to HAMMONS, ZUKOR, HARRY WARNER, AYLESWORTH, NICK SCHENCK I am suggesting to the presidents of the companies that they advise the studios of the strong position which has been taken by the Board here relative to supporting the Code enforcement. It would have been good, of course, if the studio heads could have been at the Board meeting. I will make it as earnest and as strong as I can at the annual meeting in California next month and in personal talks with them. Further, there will be action. Such action may of necessity be drastic and may entail loss to the company involved. That loss we would like to avoid. The one sure way to avoid it is not to have the mistake, either in the purchase of the material or in the way it is handled.[...paragraph on letter from Sheehan and Lasky, clearly varied according to company concerned] My idea is now that the whole situation would be helped if a letter went from the several presidents to their whole studios heads, telling the reaction of the Board to the whole matter at the meeting on Monday. If each studio knows of the determination here to support what may be necessary to be done in this regard by me, it will be helpful. If all studios know from the presidents, as well as from me, that the trend in some recent pictures has brought about a condition which makes this drastic action necessary and that such drastic action when taken will be supported without any equivocation, it will further impress upon them the necessities. This by way of additional precaution and the consequent possible saving.

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