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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
Albert Warner, Vice president and treasurer of Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.and treasurer of Vitaphone Corporation, Warner Bros.
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MPPDA - Civic Committee

Proposal for Warner studio cooperation with the Public Relations Committee. Describes public relations progress of Committee of Twenty -- relations with press improving -- proposals for reviewing service -- Hays proposed that favorable reviews be publicized and unfavorable ones sent to MPPDA: "I need not point out that this proposal would go far toward being the antithesis of any political censorship project."


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"I need not point out that this proposal would go far toward being the direct antithesis of any political censorship project; any producer would be entirely at liberty to participate or withdraw from the arrangement; more than that, he would be at liberty to accept or not the suggestions made with respect to any motion picture; also, none but affirmatively favorable comment will be made public. There would be no attempt to have the several organizations viewing pictures agree upon their estimate relative to any specific picture ... each organization would send out favorable reviews simply to its own local organizations throughout the country." Organizations on committee of 20 have membership of 11m. "They are the type who will be constructive, not destructive, who believe and will help in a spirit of an honest appreciation of our difficulties and of the inestimable value of motion pictures. No other activity of this Association seems to me more important than our securing the allegiance for the industry of these large, numerous and influential groups whose cooperation we have not had sufficiently in the past."

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