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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
MPPDA (members)
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MPPDA - Reaffirmation
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Confirming discussions of 6 March 1933 and reaffirmation resolution. Hays tries to get the message out to everyone in the industry that there is a new determination to enforce the Production Code. Includes list of "key men." (10-0635 to 10-0636)


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March 7, 1933. HAYS to HAMMONS, ALBERT WARNER, KENT, NICK SCHENCK, ZUKOR, AYLESWORTH, COCHRANE, HARRY WARNER, J.J. MURDOCK, SARNOFF, KAHANE, LESSER, JOE SCHENCK, DEMILLE, JOCK COHN, CARL LAEMMLE SR., GOLDWYN Referring further to discussions last night relative to the observance of the Production and Advertising Codes, together with the Formulae and Resolutions relative to titles and source material: I appreciate your signing the reaffirmation of adherence of such Code, Resolutions and Formulae. As suggested in our discussion, I have never questioned the good faith of the signatories. The purpose to observe the Agreements has always obtained, and I am sure this is the fact now. Some mistakes have been made, of course, and will be made. My insistence on strict observance of all these Agreements does not grow out of any lack of appreciation of the good intent nor the difficulties involved but does grow out of the determination that we shall not lose the progressively effective process of self-discipline by which the moral and artistic standards of motion picture production have been steadily raised during the past eleven years. As we discussed, it is inevitable that during a period such as we now face disintegrating influences should threaten the standards of production, standards of quality and standards of business practice built up and maintained by our cooperation. This danger we propose to face and avoid. I am not unmindful of the responsibility which is mine, re-emphasized by the discussions last night. That responsibility I propose to discharge, and your support in that effort I know I will have. To that end, I am re-emphasizing this purpose and necessity to the studio heads today. Copy of letter relative thereto is attached. Also copy of letter is attached written today to Dr. Wingate. While this letter is being written to you personally, I would be glad to have you share it with any of your associates you may think advisable. You will understand, of course, that this same plea and admonition and earnest hope and expectation of performance are being sent to all presidents and production heads.

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