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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
James Wingate, Director, Studio Relations, Association of Motion Picture Producers
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MPPDA - Reaffirmation
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Reaffirmation of Production Code and Advertising Code - enclosing copy of letter sent to presidents of companies and studio heads. "The primary responsibility for the enforcement of production standards lies with you. ..."


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MPPDA - REAFFIRMATION. March 8, 1933. HAYS to WINGATE enclosing copy of reaffirmation, letter to presidents of companies, letter to production heads: E.H. Allen Emmanuel Cohen Harry Cohn Meriam C. Cooper Cecil B. DeMille William R. Fraser Samuel Goldwyn Carl Laemmle Jr. Jesse L. Lasky Sol Lesser Louis B. Mayer Charles R. Rogers Joseph I. Schnitzer W.R. Sheehan Jack L. Warner... The primary responsibility for the enforcement of the production standards lies with you. I cannot too strongly emphasize the vital necessity of an execution by you of that high trust. The support which you need will be forthcoming from me and from the presidents of the companies, I am sure, as it will be given you by the production heads. If there is any failure in this, I ask you promptly to advise me. You will note I have suggested to the production heads that they communicate with you or with me if they want examples of tendencies and violations. I am sure you can and will give these to them. With the New York offices of the companies involved we have in the last two weeks spent much time in endeavoring to correct these abuses.

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