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MPPDA - Clause Distribution Contract

Clause recommended for inclusion in contracts with independent producers that the producer agree to abide by the Formula Production Code and Advertising Code.Hays wants to insert a new clause in distribution contracts, affirming the distributor's commitment to the Code. As part of the March 1933 crisis, Hays prepares a new clause to be inserted in distribution contracts, in which distributors agree to adhere to the Formula and the Production and Advertising Codes - clause dated 4 March 1933. Letter from attorney Richard E. Dwight 18 March 1933: "...I assume that one of the important reasons for the insertion of such a clause is to forestall or minimize censorship, with which I am thoroughly in accord."


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MPPDA - CLAUSE DIST CONTRACT. Suggested clause for inclusion by distributors in contracts with independent producers: March 4, 1933... the producer agrees to abide by and conform with the Formula of the Association for the registration of titles and each of the motion pictures herein provided for and with the Formula and Resolutions of both the said Associations, for avoiding the production of salacious books and plays. The producer further agrees that in the production and advertising of each of the said motion pictures, the producer will abide by and strictly conform to the standards and requirements of production and advertising as set forth in the Production Code and the advertising Code respectively of the said Associations and the Resolutions for Uniform Interpretation of the same; all of said Formulae and Codes as adopted, interpreted and applied by the several resolutions of the Association and the California Association or either of such Associations in such regard; and to abide by and conform to such other like or similar Codes, Formulae and other Fair Trade Practices now or hereafter established by said Associations or either of them.

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