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Vincent G. Hart, MPPDA (Eastern Studio Relations)
Maurice McKenzie, Executive Assistant
Reel 10
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Censor - Ohio
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Visit of Ohio Censor Skinner to Warner studio in NY - discussion of Baby Face censorship - to be resubmitted with different ending. Mrs Skinner likes Mae West - saw She Done Him Wrong 3 times and wants to see I'm No Angel.


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CENSOR - OHIO Sept 21, 1933. Memo from HART to MCKENZIERe: Ohio Censor Board and BABY FACE As the guests of Mr. Harry Warner, Chairman B.O. Skinner and Mrs. Skinner spent the day at the Brooklyn Warner Studio. It was their first visit to a studio. ... They expressed themselves as having gained a lot of valuable information as to how pictures are made. I emphasized to them the importance of cuts, pointing out what a cut means, and the amount of work which is necessary to adjust a picture once made, to the work of the scissors. They agreed, but told Mr. Howson and Mr. Sax that it was their opinion much of the cutting on pictures could be avoided if more care was taken on the set, in following the approved script from this Organization. While here they also visited the New York Board, and gained much valuable knowledge from Chairman Esmond. BABY FACE was discussed by Mr Howson, in my presence, and the suggestion was made that the ending of the present picture be cut to satisfy Dr. Skinner. He has agreed to have this cut version again submitted, and will consider the new print. After the conference and on my return trip to New York, Dr. Skinner expressed himself as being of the opinion he would request the Company to submit one of the other endings which Mr. Warner told him he had in his possession. Dr. Skinner stated his only reason for reconsideration of the picture was the approval of this Association and Mr. Hays' personal interest, coupled with the fact every other Board had passed the picture. He stated, "If all the other Boards and the Hays office approve this picture, maybe I am wrong, and I am willing to reconsider." Mrs. Skinner made an admission of her activity on the Board, when in discussion at lunch she made the statement, "I spend much time with the girls in previews, and I tell them what to go out" How far the reviewers go in this matter is, of course, questionable, but the statement is important on any future picture which is unnecessarily cut. Mrs. Skinner praised Mae West to the nth degree, and said she had seen SHE DONE HIM WRONG three times, and was awaiting with interest I'M NO ANGEL.

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