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Joseph I. Breen
Jeff. J. McCarthy, Publicity agent, MPPDA (Advertising Advisory Council)
Reel 10
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Advertising Code
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Advertising Code operation in re stills - can McCarthy provide him with a set of rules about what is permissible? Can he vet advertising copy for West Coast use? Can company heads confirm new operation to studio publicity men? Can a set of standards for judging film stills (for advertising purposes) be established?


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Breen to McCarthy after a meeting with publicity Executives: "Arch Reeves passed around a series of stills which had been sent to him by Charles McCarthy with the information that these stills had been rejected by you. An examination of these rejected stills prompted much discussion amongst the members of our committee who sought to get from me some statement of standards to be followed in the examination of these stills."I tried to say that I knew of no way to set down, in so many words, any set rules that might serve as standards or as a guide to me in passing critical judgement upon the stills to be submitted. I don't know how such standards can be set up. I tried to say that the acceptance or rejection of stills would have to be left, pretty generally, to my judgment but this seemed not to be satisfactory to our people here. The suggestion was made and voted unanimously that I query you at once in an effort to find out whether or not you could do what I feel I cannot do, namely, write down a set of rules or standards to be followed in the making of stills."... A number of members also complained - and I mention specifically Bill Pine of Paramount - that orders to submit stills and advertising copy to this office should come from the head of the studio. Pine stated, for instance, that he worked for Manny Cohen and indicated that he was not disposed to send us these stills on Mr. Gillham's statement. Some of the others joined in with Pine on this point and I was again requested to ask you to have the bosses in New York notify the studio executives of their desire to have this particular practice established."

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