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Joy has found several properties -- from scenarios to finished films -- to be inadmissible under the Code. Hays sends copies of the relevant correspondence to all production heads, as a warning. Note Joy's concern about representation of the Depression.


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August 1932. Part of this process of examination going on in August and September 1932. Hays sends copies of some of Joy's letters on the worst available objects to Board of Directors members.Hays to Thalberg, 17 August 1932, on Nora: "I am familiar with this synopsis and with Colonel Joy's letter to you relative thereto which he forwarded under the provisions of the Resolution for Uniform Interpretation of the code. Both as to these and treatment the story, in my opinion, violates the spirit and letter of the Code." -- he's quite rightJoy to Thalberg, 15 August 1932, on Tinfoil, which is exactly a story of a fallen woman -- the 20s-to-Depression story: "It seems to us that the moral issues involved are complicated by the current economic situation. If it is to be suggested that the depression not only has stripped the nation of its wealth but has reduced its women to going on the streets as prostitutes to obtain the bare necessities of life, then our whole national life is depicted at a low point. There would be justifiable resentment of this insinuation, particularly in view of the rather heroic efforts being made by the relief organizations, individuals, and the government itself to take care of the needy."

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