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Caddo - Scarface
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The Italian protest against Scarface. Includes protests from Italian ambassador, organizations, press clippings, also letter to the ambassador (from Hays?), explaining how the film was made a long time ago - now the policy is to avoid representing particular foreign types.


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Protests from Italian-Americans and the Italian ambassador about Scarface, 30 April 1932 and 03 June 1932 - Ambassador notes "the vast popularity of the film at the present time." Hays, 13 June 1932, replies at length, noting some of the production problems: "... there was developed finally the third version, which is being shown in New York and which is having general distribution. The only actual change from this version is the sometime use of the last two hundred feet of the ending used in the second version. Otherwise the second version was abandoned as well also the first version for general release by United Artists. "17 June 1932, Herron to Joy: "My one hope on the picture from the UA standpoint is that when Mussolini sees it, as he has already asked to see it, that he may look at it form the angle that it is a good lesson to the Italians who leave their native country." - but it was banned in Italy.

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