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MPPDA - Public Relations Committee

Preview of The Covered Wagon. Hamner claims that The Covered Wagon is evidence of the good work of the Hays office. John C. Flynn, representing Famous Players-Lasky at a special preview, virtually gives credit for the original idea to Hays.


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Hanmer: "The Covered Wagon is is an attempt to portray in motion pictures an important event in American history How well this has been done you are to have opportunity to see. More of the the same high standard will be produced if you will say that you like it in such a way as will help to bring to it the support that will convince the producers that this is, at least, one of the kinds of motion pictures that the American people want." John C. Flynn -- Famous Players-Lasky (FPL) reported that during Hays' visit to Coast 'last fall' he told the heads of the production companies "that the program for better pictures ought to include one dealing with some outstanding epoch in our national life ... as the result of this suggestion, Mr Lasky went about building the picture which you are now to see."

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