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Breen to be chairman of AMPP advertising Code Committee as a representative of MPPDA and AMPP


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July 16 Hays wrote to Breen in Hollywood asking him to become the Chairman of the Committee: "You know the imperative importance of the subject matter, and I know you will give it your very preferred attention."Hays, however, was in Hollywood for the July 8 meeting, so the document which I think is a speech for Hays to deliver at the July 8 meeting may have been written for him by Breen. Parts of it were also sent in a letter to Albert Warner in New York on July 9, with a similar letter to each MPPDA director. This letter included a few more extracts from adverts:"Love made her a bad girl for good! ... What the wrong kind of love can do to the right kind of girl ... They said it was a sin for any girl to love any man that much ... The called her a girl with loose morals ... She gave her love to a man who only wanted to borrow it!" (First National: "STRANGE CASE OF MOLLY LOUVAIN")

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