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The accomplishments of the Code in its first year - scripts submitted compared to the previous year, etc. Egs of specific major alterations of source material - books plays. The Sap from Syracuse, The Divorcee, The Secret Six, Public Enemy.Operation of Production Code during 1st year compared to 1929 SRC operation - statistics by studio - WB FN noticeably less co-operative. Details of action in regard to several films. Since the content of individual sex and crime and gangster pictures is OK, they must be making too many of them since they are still getting complaints.


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Scripts submitted to the Association for analysis as to social values: 1929: 201 1930: 531Studio consultations before and during preparation of story as to detailed treatment: 1929:46 1930: 1299Negatives of pictures submitted to the Association for review: 1929: 323 1930: 722"... A study of 294 features made since the adoption of the code, covering practically all made by our companies during that period, shows that; "a. 24 of various themes were so outstanding as to earn the commendation of all, irrespective of the possible inclusion in any of he material that would have caused criticism if contained in less meritorious productions; "b. 170 of the total dealt with comparatively innocent themes and could not be classified either under the heading of sex or crime;"c. 2 productions dealing with sex themes as distinguished from romance;"d. 32 of the total are classified as crime pictures; of which 23 deal with organized gangster activities. Four farces or comedies. [Total 228 - what about the rest?] "Of the total only 12 productions have received more than a scattering criticism on the ground that they did [not?] fulfil the obligations of the Code. Of these, nine have been considered to have failed in the treatment of sex themes; one, because of its possibly demoralizing presentation of attitude toward the law; and two, because of vulgarity and suggestiveness."Of the 12, four have been or are being re-edited to escape the criticism which placed them in this classification."It is evident from those findings that the percentage of sex pictures and of so-called underworld pictures is low and that, taken individually, very few of each can be seriously criticized. Therefore, - because the industry is certainly being subjected to such strong criticism, directed against both sex themes and underworld stories, - it must be the case that the volume of such themes is too great, or productions containing them are released so close together or are so highly exploited that they give an impression of constituting a larger proportion of the total output than they really do."Contains details on Africa Speaks, Many A Slip, The Miracle Woman, Honor Among Lovers, Sap From Syracuse, Smiling Lieutenant, Stolen Heaven, Tarnished Lady, The Front Page, Seed, The Divorcee.

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