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Censor - Chicago

Reply to inquiry from Hays, re films banned by Chicago Censor Board. Some were resubmitted after reconstruction. The Chief of Police ordered permits to be issued to several which the producers declined to allow


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letter, Quigley to Hays, 29 April 1931, suggesting MGM's deal in Chicago: Strangers May Kiss, Bachelor Father and It's a Wise Child were initially offered "adult only" permits, "contingent upon the producing company's agreement to make certain cuts in each of the pictures. This the company -- MGM -- declined to do. Shortly thereafter, and to the amazement of the local Censor Board, specific and definite orders were given to the Chairman, by the acting Chief of Police, to issue a permit to each of these three pictures without any restrictions whatever."New York censorship figures 07-01-1929 -- 06-30-1930: 87% films passed without cuts, 11% cut, 0.6% rejected. -- these percentages are miscalculated in the document.

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