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Advertising - bad
EDITORIAL COMMENT: The note over River's End in Philadelphia is notable in relation to the problems later with Cardinal Dougherty. This has plenty of quotable examples, but what might also be noted is that whoever produced it - probably Wilstach - is complaining about material - as the worst he's seen - which may well not have been complained of years earlier - or at least certainly would not have drawn such fire. There is a moral backlash going on here.

Examples of advertising at individual theatres breaching Advertising Code.'Emphasizing Objectionable features of advertising copy." Examples of problems caused when circuit representatives and independent exhibitors misrepresent clean press books. Millie, Virtuous Sin, Fast and Loose, Illicit


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31 March 1931: On bad advertising copy, generally produced by theatres from clean press books, both by independents and circuit managers. Much of the problem is located in the use of suggestive titles that are taken up in the advertising copy:One line from Today: "Pampered luxury-mad wives! Are they faithful when facing poverty? Do they turn to their husbands or to other men? See the daring answer here?" Memo notes that The Virtuous Sin press book "is the only one gotten out by Paramount during the past two or three years that was open to criticism." The line in this is generally that the press books are now OK, with a few exceptions -- but most of the problems listed here are from films with suggestive titles. Also a note over River's End: "The boys in Philadelphia at the Warner Theatre pepped up this picture a lot."

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