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Daniel J. Lord
MPPDA (Board of Directors)
Reel 9
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Resolution passed 2 December 1931 re profanity sent to Lord for approval -- but he opposed changing the Production code "and finds fault in a general way with the kind of pictures we are making"


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"resolution passed December 2,1931 as to profanity. Pointed profanity, which includes any reference to the deity other than in reverence, and obscene language, which includes such words as "s.o.b.", "Gawd" and other vulgar expressions used for necessary emphasis, or for comedy purposes, are forbidden. Only where they are required for development of plot or where their use is essential to the realistic presentation of a subject, as the less offensive expletives permitted. This went to Father Lord for his opinion at the suggestion of Mr. Hays. Just came back this morning. Father Lord opposes the changing of the Code and finds fault in a general way with the kind of pictures we are making. That motion was passed by the California association December 2. Motion by Joe Schenck, seconded by Jack Warner. Fred's minute book simply says that the following resolution was passed regarding use of profanity, then leaves blank space for the resolution to be inserted, he having left his record in this shape so that Mr. Hays might send the actual resolution to Father Lord for his suggestions. In view of Father Lord's disapproval, we should discuss this with Mr. Hays, then advise Fred what action, if any, is necessary on his part."

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