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MPPDA - Committee on Public Relations

Hays retreats from his position on Arbuckle, suggesting he is merely removing himself as an obstacle to Arbuckle's working, not proposing that he does -- general position that pictures should not be released but that he could work obscurely. Barnes resigns.


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"the policy of the committee ... that the members do not and cannot bind their respective organizations but act in personal capacities and reflect the general attitude with which they have contact." Mr Barnes: felt that the whole trend of the committee on Public Relations was wrong; that the previewing of pictures would lead to disharmony and misunderstanding, and would end in complete disruption of the committee. ... "I see no future for the advisory committee as now constructed. It is merely a screen or else must set up a committee of censorship for the motion picture industry ... He asked the committee to consider the question of previewing very carefully before it became involved in what he thought might develop into a form of censorship." Committee resolution: "In the judgement of the committee it would be extremely detrimental to the youth of America for Arbuckle's pictures to be released for circulation, since it is highly desirable that reminders which would naturally come with his reappearance on the screen should not thus be placed before the public. Such releases would also, in the opinion of the committee, tend to destroy public confidence in the purpose of the motion picture industry 'to establish and maintain the highest possible moral and artistic standards, [etc.]"

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