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Meetings - MPPDA Board

Memo on better films prepared for Board of Directors meeting, announcing increase in production of these since 1929


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"1. That in 1390 more feature pictures were produced that were of outstanding merit not only from the entertainment but also from the standpoint of community value than in any previous year of the motion picture industry. On the basis of a nation-wide vote of American critics, the motion picture industry produced pictures of exceptional merit at the rate of at least one a week during 1930. 2. The past year saw a new record in the production of great feature films based upon historical, sociological, travel, and other educational themes. More than three times as many feature pictures dealing with such subjects were made in 1930 as in 1929. More than 30 such pictures were released during the year. 3. The year 1930 showed a six to one increase over any previous year in the production of higher-type problem plays on the motion picture screen. This refers to feature films of a character usually considered outside the range of popular entertainment. 4. The year 1930 marked a great development from a production standpoint of the movement to serve the vast child audience in the United States with pictures based upon recognized literary classics. Four great feature productions of the Tom Sawyer type were made and released during this period. The experiment of a motion picture theatre for children was attempted, but failed for lack of public support." attached is a list of films: Abraham Lincoln; All Quiet on the Western Front; Animal Crackers; The Big House; The Big Trail; Cimarron; City Streets; Disraeli; East Lynne; The Great Meadow; Holiday; Journey's End; June Moon; Laughter; Outward Bound; Rango; The Royal Family; Tol'able David; Tom Sawyer; Trader Horn; A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court

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