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Mr Charles C. Pettijohn, General Counsel, MPPDA
Joseph I. Breen
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Censor - Chicago

Forwarding Dinneen letter 17 December 1931: "I do not understand, in view of the fine cooperation that you and I have tried to give Father Dinneen, why he should continue forever to oppose everything that I am in favor of. ... it is a lot of foolishness and unnecessary expense to keep people on any city pay-roll to be entertained by motion picture films about which they know there can be no objection" -- particularly referring to newsreels" ...


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"... it is a waste of time and money. If Chicago must have some kind of censorship, it ought to be confined against the publication of any films against which there can be an honest or legitimate complaint and before motion picture property is destroyed or eliminated, somebody should pass on the question of its propriety besides eight people who are paid salaries to find something wrong with the pictures. Four censors are too many in Chicago, let alone eight. Father Dineen has never had any trouble getting cooperation from you and me and I do not see why he wants to saddle either the industry or the City of Chicago with needless expense."

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