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Father F. G. Dinneen
Reel 9
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Censor - Chicago

objections to plans to reduce size of Chicago censor board


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"During the past seventeen years I have been actively interested in the censorship of motion pictures for public entertainment in Chicago. It is hardly necessary for me to urge upon you the moral importance of this department of our city government. My present purpose is to call your attention to the fact that the efficiency of this department is being jeopardized by the plan for the new budget. Therein provision is made for only four censors. This would cut the board from eight to four. ... there is a moral issue at stake, which is immeasurably more important that the proposed saving. It would be a physical impossibility for four persons to do justice to this important work which has taxed the ability and endurance of eight for years past. ... The revenue from this department is well over $80,000 annually, and the cost of maintaining this department is around $30,000. ... the most important consideration, and the only one that prompts my action in this matter, is the moral welfare particularly of impressionable youth. To protect them against the vitiating influence of improper pictures a wise and well regulated ordinance has been in force for over twenty years in Chicago. Over and over again the moral forced of the city have been back of this ordinance and still insist on its enforcement."

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