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Advertising - general
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Resolution for Uniform Interpretation of Advertising Code (also see 08-0330 to 08-0356)


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RESOLUTION FOR UNIFORM INTERPRETATION OF ADVERTISING CODE. ADOPTED JUNE 6 1930. WHEREAS the uniform interpretation of such Code is essential; and for the promotion of such uniform interpretation and consequent conformance by ourselves, it is believed necessary that an additional procedure be established and maintained,THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we hereby agree to the following method of operation: 1. That each advertising and publicity director, when in the preparation of the season's product book any question involving good taste arises, shall confer with the association. 2. That immediately upon completion of each press book, a copy shall be sent to the office of the Association. 3. So also shall each company submit for inspection, when completed, all advertising accessories, such as posters, heralds, etc. 4. The advertising and publicity director of each company will assume responsibility for all advertising, illustrations, and accessories issued by his company. When in doubt as to proprieties, he shall submit copy to the Association. 5. In case of violation of the Code in newspaper or advertising for theatres, use of such copy shall be discontinued. In case the Code is violated, whether in word or illustration, in press book, trade paper, newspaper or magazine advertising, the Association shall call the attention of the Advertising and publicity director to the infraction of the Code. In case the advertising and publicity director does not agree with the representative of the Association in the matter, he may then have recourse to a committee of three to be selected from the advertising and publicity directors of the various companies operating under the Code.... When an advertising and publicity director desires to appeal from the decision of the Association, he will inform its secretary, who will in rotation designate from the above named Publicity Committee three members who will immediately examine the matter in question and render a decision. In the event any of the three so designated are unavoidably absent from the city, the member or members next in order will be selected, under the same provisions. Any such member so unavoidably out of the city when so designated, shall be considered at the head of the list to the next call for service. In the event that an advertising and publicity director is not satisfied with the findings of the committee of three, he may appeal to three directors of the Association, to be selected by its President, whose findings shall be final.

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