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Lamar Trotti, Assistant to Colonel Jason S. Joy
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
Reel 9
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Warner Bros.

WB non-compliance with Production Code in East


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"In the spring contact was made with Warner Bros. studio in the East to put the Code into operation. Mr Sax ... was agreeable to the idea. Scripts came along. I arranged also to see the pictures at the Winter Garden ... Then without notice the scripts stopped coming. The last one was received June 12. I went to the studio ... and was informed by Mr. Sax that Mr. Howson, who has censorship matters in charge, had stated that he thought it was unnecessary to send us the scripts as he was familiar with the Code and was in direct touch with the censorship situation." They also stopped previewing, but Howson rearranged that. Then Sam Morris, in charge during Harry Warner's absence "thought it was unnecessary for us to see the short subjects or the scripts, that they had the situation well in hand, and that it would be an unnecessary interference with the studio and office personnel. It was then that a cable was sent to you." [in Paris] He had managed to see one or two shorts per visit, but "they must be making five or six a week." Two scripts had been seen in the past few days -- one was in violation, and WB didn't propose to make it, though Howson thought it was all right. "with Paramount, I am receiving all of the scripts, receiving and returning them on the same day, and am seeing all of their subjects in their projection room before the final cutting is done. This is a perfect arrangement and I think it should be followed by Warner Bros.

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