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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
Jack Warner, Head of Production, Warner Bros.
Reel 9
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Warner Bros.

WB non-compliance with Production Code


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"Yesterday I got a telegram from Mr. Fred Beetson as follows: "Jack Warner just phoned me that henceforth all pictures would be submitted. He was under the impression that only scripts had to be submitted which was a misunderstanding on his part which he regrets and will do as agreed in every instance. I appreciate this. The fact is, my good friend, that the failure of Warner Brothers to comply with the Resolution for Uniform Interpretation has caused us a good deal of worry. Complaint has been made by member companies that First National and Warner studios were not complying with it and you know what trouble that causes. Also there is going to be a bad reaction as a public matter because it is know by some very important interests that these studios have not been complying. We are fearful that it has reached some censor boards and we know that some of the social welfare groups have heard of it. All of this brings a bad reaction on the industry, on the association and on the company involved -- all of which, I know, you do not want. I am sure that your misunderstanding explains the situation. I have insisted that you were complying with the agreement because I assumed, of course, that you understood it. This assumption was based on the fact that you were a member of the committee which drafted both the Code and the Resolution for Uniform Interpretation and you actually signed both, as you know. Also, when it began to develop that the pictures from these studios were not being submitted, I remember calling you out of a board meeting in the New York office one day in the spring or early summer and expressed the hope that you would make certain that your boys lived up to the letter of it. Later, Mr. McKenzie cabled me in Paris that Col. Joy had advised that these studios were still no submitting pictures and I took it up with Harry in Paris. He, at that time, cabled Abe suggesting that he pass the word along both to you and to Mr. Sam Morris in New York. When I returned from Paris I still found that they were not being submitted and I asked Fred to take it up with the studios and on August 4, 1930, Fred wired me as follows: "Darryl Zanuck will arrange for Jason Joy to see all pictures from now on. This will help materially as we all want Warner Brothers to get the advice of Joy's department which everybody tells me is fine and of great value. Jack Warner will see the value of this immediately and we will be rendering 100% service. ..." Under all these circumstances I assumed, of course, that in spite of what everybody said that there was some mistake and that actually you were submitting them and I have been going to bat telling everybody they were all wrong and that it simply could not be possible that one company, and particularly this company, was not keeping the agreement. I know now from what Harry told me of his talk with you when I was on the other wire than from Fred's telegram that you simply did not realize what the agreement was. I realize we are all to blame for not getting this fact to you. I am enclosing for your convenience a photostat copy of the Resolution for Uniform Interpretation which I want you, please, to read, and you will see just what this is. All the unreleased pictures, if any, which have been made should be shown to Joy quickly in the projection room just like the other companies have done and as you will do, I know, with the pictures from now on as you finish them. You will note the agreement provides that they will be submitted before the negative goes to the laboratory. You remember how we discussed for days last winter the development of this resolution and it was decided it was the only way we could get a uniform interpretation of the Code."

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