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Herbert C. Kaufman, Assistant manager of exchange operations, Columbia
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
Reel 9
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Warner Bros.

WB advertising of Kismet: "It is evident from both lobby display and printed blurbs that there are still some ex-burlesque advance agents and publicity men vomiting their skunk conceptions of community taste on paper and billboard. Their minds are living too much on Broadway and dwelling too little on the home district. ..."


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... "To accept their measure of American intelligence, chastity and character, leaves no alternative but to assume that American womanhood is a prostitute at heart and that the primary interest of the average husband, son and brother lies in the areas of seduction, adultery and woman-chasing. ... If "Kismet" is the sort of picture its inherent quality demands, and Mr. Skinner's presence in the cast postulates, the advertising will doubly defeat itself. The crowd that likes a nasty show will feel that their attendance was obtained under false pretences and knock accordingly. The people who DON'T like dirty shows, thinking that "Kismet" IS a dirty show (because the advertising has no other appeal) won't bring their families to the Hollywood [theater]. And all the cranks, busybodies and self-appointed morale-mongers of the industry, who won't see the film and who DID read the advertising, will never be convinced that the production wasn't an unbridled orgy of Oriental licentiousness."

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