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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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MPPDA - Production Code

letters with press release sent to 1900 daily newspapers in US -- more detailed letter sent to 677 editorial writers on Code -- asking for support in promoting the Code.


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"... The public opinion which approval, suggestion or criticism in your editorial columns would bring to this Code, would be a further guide to the motion picture producers of the country and to exhibitors in your own city ... To the extent that the motion picture is a medium of universal appeal to the American public, it stands four-square with the printed page, with broadcasting and other media whose mission must be based on the largest possible aggregate of public interest. Let there be the slightest break in the dyke of public support which protects the newspaper, the radio and the motion picture in their right to reflect the interests of the public which they serve -- and sooner or later political censorship, partisanship, intolerance and other evils will rush in to bring chaos and confusion.

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