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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
Fred W. Beetson, Secretary-Treasurer of AMPP from 1924
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MPPDA - Production Code

Writing en route to New York, Hays discusses the method of financing the immediate implementation of the Production Code machinery. More staff will be need for reading scripts under Joy to enforce Code Hays suggests that the situation is quite critical, and details the estimated cost -- $13,000 -- to be raised from the companies.Necessity to "determine the method of public announcement, if any, of the Code in such a manner as will bring most consideration and understanding." Specific treatment to be applied to already-completed films so that they don't undermine the impact of the Code.


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additional personnel -- "I have wired for Mr. Fisher to be ready to start immediately upon my return, and the balance of the personnel you can arrange there in line with our conference Thursday afternoon. In my opinion, Mr. Beetson should immediately discuss with the Executive Committee the manner of providing the additional funds for the balance of this year while the Formula is tested. This estimated $13,000, I think, can be quickly provided ... The relative expense in the whole matter is so minor, compared with the certain benefit, that it need give no one any concern" "In the meantime it is quite essential that emergency steps be taken immediately to make certain that in the picture already finished, but not released, there be no violation of the three most sensitive matters -- (1) objectionable shots in otherwise unobjectionable pictures, (2) overemphasis of the use of liquor, (3) violation of the heretofore agreed to "Don'ts". "This attention is necessary because the worry in these regards is today and the next few months, and if some of the pictures reach the country that may already be finished that have these objectionable shots in them the trouble resulting may be just that much which will make it impossible to keep the essential goodwill until the new Code and the Uniform Interpretation are in operation."

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