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Journal/magazine article
Hon. Fred H. Davis, Attorney General of Florida
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Motion Pictures - general

"What Constitutes an Obscene and Indecent Picture?" Focuses on women's dress on the stage and screen. Opinion on motion picture advertisement of chorus girls


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"The real difficulty lies in trying to ascertain just how shocking one's conduct must become in order for it to be regarded by authoritative opinion as being contrary to good morals as currently understood. ... Judging by the modern trend of female dress on the stage and in the movies, it would appear that the ladies of the theatrical profession have adopted the same percentage for their dress as they are forced to observe for their beverages, and that under this modern percentage rule so adopted, and which is generally approved by the press and public, it must now be held that, so long as the modern-day chorus girl has one-half of 1 per cent of the lower half of her anatomy duly covered with clothing of some denomination, she is to be regarded as being sufficiently well and properly dressed to escape the denunciation of our laws, directed at such a state of undress as would tend to corrupt the morals of our youth."

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