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Dr Arthur H. DeBra
Jane M. Hoey, Welfare Council of New York City
Reel 7
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Pathé - Godless Girl
Additional text in Transcription. See also 05-0775 to 05-0800.

The MPPDA has been inundated with protests about The Godless Girl by administrators of corrective institutions (deMille redirects any protests he receives to Hays). Most of these are fobbed off with a form letter, but there is concern about the attitude of the Welfare Council, which is a "very important group." Here DeBra responds by inviting the American Association of Social Workers (an associated group) to participate in the operations of the Studio Relations Committee (SRC).


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Letter from DeBra to Jane Hoey, Welfare Council of NYC, re participation in Studio Relations Committee, 10 July 1929: "... How would it be, then, for you to talk to Mr. West and tell him that Col. Joy meets once a week with a representative from each one of the studios; that Col. Joy or some one of the men working with him look over practically all the scenarios before they go into work; that it would be highly desirable, as regards the interest of the American Association and this industry, to have someone with whom Col. Joy could discuss from time to time stories that directly or indirectly dealt with some aspect of social work covered by the wide interests of the American Association of Social Workers. Then if Mr. West indicated such a person to us, we would pass on to Col. Joy the fact that he or she was available for consultation. "I explained to Col. Joy that in part your interest in this has come about as a consequence of the general protest of THE GODLESS GIRL. He shares with me the feeling that your point of view in this matter is well taken."

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