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National Association of the Motion Picture Industry (NAMPI)

NAMPI "National Association of the Motion Picture Industry 1921-1922". This lists members in all divisions: Executives, board of directors, committees, producers, labs, distributors, individuals, cinemas, press, equipment supply, etc.


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National Assn of Motion Picture Industry. 1922 SELECTED COMMITTEES OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY 1921-1922 INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATIONS COMMITTEE W.R. Sheehan (chairman) Fox Paul H. Cromelin Inter-Ocean Film Corporation Gabriel L. Hess Goldwyn David P. Howells Associated First National Pictures George E. Kann Universal Emil E. Shauer Famous Players-Lasky AMERICANISM COMMITTEE Col. Arthur Woods Wm. A. Brady (President, Nat. Ass. of the M.P. Industry) H.M. Crandall Crandall Theatres Samuel Goldwyn Goldwyn Pictures Ralph A. Kohn Famous Players-Lasky Carl Laemmle Universal J. Hampton Moore Mayor of Philadelphia R.A. Rowland Metro Pictures Lewis J. Selznick Selznick Corp. DISTRIBUTION MANAGERS COMMITTEE Edward M. Saunders (chairman) Metro H.G. Ballance Famous Players-Lasky H.M. Berman Universal F.M. Brockell First National Henry Ginsberg Educational Film Exchanges Sam E. Morris Selznick Corp. Charles R. Rogers R-C Pictures J.S. Woody Realart Pictures Alfred Weiss Goldwyn Pictures R.A. White Fox CENSORSHIP COMMITTEE Gabriel L. Hess (chairman) Goldwyn J.W. Alicoate Wid's Daily Jerome Beatty Famous Players-Lasky G.McL. Baynes Kinograms H.P. Carver International Film Service Co. E. Cohen Path News R.S. Cole R-C Pictures Paul H. Cromelin Inter-Ocean Film co. E.V. Durling Selznick Howard Dietz Goldwyn D.W. Griffith D.W. Griffith Enterprises Paul Gulick Universal H.E. Hancock Fox

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