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Frederick L. Herron, MPPDA (Foreign Department)
Earl E. Bright
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League of Nations

Herron clarifies the relationship of the MPPDA to deFeo and the International Educational Cinematograph Institute in Rome. Other documents relate to the Institute.


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LEAGUE OF NATIONS. 1929. Letter from Herron to Bright re Mr Defeo of International Educational Cinematographic Institute, 22 July 1929: With reference to your letter on the International Educational Cinematograph Institute at Rome which Frank Woods inquired about, this is the outfit that deFeo is the head of.You recall, probably, that he was here last Winter for a couple of months and we did everything we could to help him out. I am feeding him all material possible and aiding him in every way that I can. Governor Milliken is on his Board of Governors, and Canty [Trade Commissioner for motion pictures in Europe] is on the Executive committee. DeFeo has already done a number of very wonderful things for the American industry. It was through his influence, largely, that Dr. Short's vicious report was subdued in Geneva and referred to the Institute in Rome, where it is now buried. He also was able to head off the quota law in Italy, which one Sig. Bisi had just about convinced Mussolini was the thing to pass. Since that time, Bisi has been kicked out, and I imagine it was a good deal through the influence of deFeo that this came about. Bisi was our bitter enemy. Anything anyone can do to help deFeo out will be very appreciated by us.

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