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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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MPPDA - Civic Committee

MPPDA public relations activity. Proposed organization and role of Committee of Fifteen. Suggestion for formation of local committees, including areas of concern for their attention.


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CIVIC COMMITTEE. 1922. ORGANIZATION AND ROLE OF COMMITTEE OF FIFTEEN. July 7, 1922. Memorandum for Mr. Hays. The Committee of Fifteen at this meeting, or at succeeding ones, should give consideration to some or all of the following items: 1. It should understand and preferably approve the establishment of a General Committee and the relationship of the Committee of Fifteen to the General Committee. The formation of the General Committee, you recall, is Mr. Hanmer's idea. He believes that a Committee of Fifteen, fifty, or five hundred would be unwise in itself because it would mean that some organizations would be or feel excluded; he further favors the General Committee having on it representatives of every organization and having the Committee of Fifteen as a sort of Executive Committee - though he dislikes the latter title. 2. The Committee of Fifteen should consider the establishment of local committees in constituent organizations of the several associations represented on the committee - and later similar local committees for every national organization not specifically represented on the Committee of Fifteen. Community Service, Inc. has made to you the proposal that its two hundred local organizations form such committees. This offer, I believe, should be accepted and should be made the basis for similar action on the part of other organizations. We should make clear that no action taken in the Committee of Fifteen binds any organization - that is, that the autonomy of each organization is preserved and none need hesitate to participate in the work of the Committee of Fifteen because of a fear that the organization will be committed to any program against its own will. The work of the local committees will vary with the organization and locality concerned - some will wish to stress health activity, some child welfare, etc. Among the general subjects which should receive attention by local committees are these: a. Saturday matinees for juveniles. b. Assistance to exhibitors in the selection of programs. c. The proper endorsement of desirable plays. d. Assistance in overcoming salacious, sensational and misleading advertising. e. Cooperation in effecting simple, complete and accurate advance notice so that patrons may know what is on the program before entering the theatre. f. The fostering of sound public sentiment in support of high - higher - standards of production. 3. The Committee of Fifteen should authorize the Committee of Three to act with this office as representatives of the Committee of Fifteen between meetings of the larger committee. 4. The Committee of Fifteen should discuss the employing of an Executive and should authorize you and the Committee of Three to agree upon an individual and begin that work. 5. A condensed summary containing a number of the suggestions made at the meeting on June 22nd is being typed; if you desire this can be sent to the members of the Committee of Fifteen with request that they return it here with their comments concerning the various suggestions offered. 6. A preliminary discussion should be had concerning the relationship of this organization and the National Board of Review. 7. If any members of the committee wish, arrangements may be made to visit a motion picture studio - and view the production of pictures.

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