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J. A. Ball, Director, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Technical Bureau)
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Colleges - USC

Excerpts from USC lecture: "Scientific Foundations."


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D29-03 COLLEGES -- USC 1929EXCERPTS FROM USC LECTURE BY A.J. BALL, 02-13-1929: "SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATIONS"On closeups: Not until the arts of makeup and photography had advanced so that large sized heads on the screen would still be attractive to look at, was the closeup available for proper use in the art. [p.2]After discussing aesthetic resistance to the introduction of sound:... within recent months a number of pictures have appeared, which clearly demonstrate that a great deal of the silent photoplay technique can be retained and combined with the new sound technique, so that a whole new degree of freedom is opened up to the art. This development literally swept the industry off its feet and thoroughly awakened everyone concerned to a fact that should perhaps have been obvious from the start, that in an art which is so dependent upon technical developments, new technical developments create new possibilities.The industry now looks forward confidently to further developments -- particularly to color; also to stereoscopic effects, and even to "Radio Movies." In particular, it appears likely that the combination of color and sound will open up to the screen the field of musical comedy.Stereoscopic photography will be valuable in furthering the illusion of reality, although there is only a limited amount of entertainment value which can be added directly by the stereoscopic effect itself."Radio Movies" is another development which is very much discussed today, but, if and when it arrives, it will probably not have much effect upon the art-form, but rather upon the methods of distribution and the means by which the entertainment is brought before the public. [p.4]On a question about sound recording:The wax disc is old, but is not as good as the recording of sound on the film itself. The disc method started off ahead of the other but is losing its hold.

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