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MPPDA - Membership Committee

First meeting of Membership Committee -- The question of who is important enough to invite to join the MPPDA.


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MPPDA -- MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE. 1922 EXCERPT FROM MINUTES OF MPPDA MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE MEETING, 06-01-1922: The Chairman directed that the Secretary present at the next meeting of the Board of Directors the following report from the Membership Committee:. . . That all of the efforts of the Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America, Inc. to the end of obtaining new members be concentrated on the following important individuals and companies:First National United Artists Path Douglas Fairbanks Productions William Randolph Hearst Thomas Ince Mary Pickford Productions Charles Chaplin Productions... The Membership Committee considers it inadvisable now to spend any time or effort in securing unimportant members, but considers it vital that those named above be approached immediately and shown that their interests as well as the interests of all producers and distributors would be seriously jeopardized if they remained outside of this organization.

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