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Albert L Rockett, Associate Producer, Fox studio
First National Studios (Producers, directors, writers, cutters)
Reel 6
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Censor - sound

They must pay more attention to problems over censorship -- Don'ts and Be-Carefuls are going to be enforced


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"On numerous occasions in the past I have pointed out to you that the matter of censorship is a very serious problem and that each and every one of us must watch carefully to see that no title, dialogue or action is permitted to go into a picture where there is any possibility of its being cut by the various censor boards. ... this applies not only to the various states in this country which have censorship but to foreign countries as well ... For your information I am attaching hereto copy of a letter addressed to Mr. Hays by the Department of Education in Ohio in connection with censorship cuts that will be made in talking pictures hereafter in Ohio. You will recall that Mr. Hays, at the Producers Association meeting held last week, laid particular emphasis on our censorship difficulties and after listening to his speech, I am sure you will realize the vital importance from a production standpoint of eliminating any title, dialogue, situation, etc., which is liable to be cut by the various censor boards. This is particularly important in talking pictures because once a picture is scored it is impossible to make eliminations in the film without great danger of throwing the entire picture out of synchronization. I cannot impress upon you too strongly the vital importance of watching most carefully the censorship angle on all pictures and I urgently request that you give this matter your most serious consideration to the end that objectionable scenes, titles, dialogue, etc. will be eliminated from the story and script prior to the start of production, so that in this this way we will save thousand[sic] of dollars by not shooting stuff which we all know will be eliminated by the various censor boards. I also want to point out at this time that the censorship angle is going to be strictly enforced by the various companies in the industry and it is no longer a question of what we would like to do with various situations but in future we must comply with the censorship rules and regulations laid down by the Hays Organization."

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