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Labor unions
EDITORIAL COMMENT: 'References to Los Angeles being a non-union town, and also to Hays' interventions in attempts to solve the dispute with his saying to union leaders that he would aim for unionization. Some of this material also comes from Frank Garbutt, including what are obviously reports from labor spies. All kinds of intrigues and misinformation are in evidence, and Hays seems to be at the hub of the affair.

Correspondence and telegrams to and from Hays, involving studios and the Labor Council, concerning the unionization dispute and boycotts. A long-running labor dispute over bargaining rights to building and craft unions in the studios had been running since July 1921, still in progress a year later. Refers to a slump hitting the industry for the first time in the summer of 1921 letter 06-27-1922 from Thalberg laying out the sequence of events and proclaiming themselves untroubled by the strike, which is ineffectual, and the boycott of pictures by the Big Four, which is equally ineffectual, although it is worth noting that a boycott strategy was being used. Includes pamphlet, "Facts About the Moving Picture Studio Strike" which was distributed by the studios, and response from Labor Council.


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