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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
Jack Warner, Head of Production, Warner Bros.
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MPPDA - Conference on Public and Industrial Relations

Community conference -- complaints over vulgar short subjects. Wants First National to cooperate with Joy


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"Many of these good friends reported they were called upon daily to explain the unfortunate circumstances of the vulgar short subjects appearing simultaneously, often, with the very finest pictures. This worry was so prevalent that it has challenged our earnest attention, and I have talked at length with Harry and all the others about it . Harry is going to make certain that great care is exercised in your studios here in that connection. I realize many of the sorts you make there are classics. Another thing which came up, of course, was the tendency that may be upon us to indulge in undue vulgarity in some of the features. There was much approval of many of the Warner pictures but there was a good deal of criticism about some of the First National pictures. We explained most of these First National pictures had been heired [sic] by Warner Brothers but I do want to appeal to you to let Colonel Joy get in touch with you and that you cause the folks at First National, as well as Warner Brothers, to cooperate closely with him. He comes to this work with seven years intimate experience with these groups and with complete knowledge of what censor boards eliminate everywhere and can be very useful. I know your sympathy is with this, of course, and I will appreciate it personally very much if you will cause the folks at First National to tie in closely with him, as I know you will at Warner Brothers. The success of "Disraeli" is going to be a complete answer to the query as to whether or not these finer, cleaner pictures pay. It is a marvellous production."

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