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Mrs Newton D. Chapman, Daughters of the American Revolution
Daughters of the American Revolution
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We Americans

This letter recommends We Americans, by Universal, to the DAR membership. Similar letters were distributed by the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae (IFCA) and the Board of Education. Ads and other documents pertaining to the film are included in the file.


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WE AMERICANS. 1928. Form letter from Mrs Newton D. Chapman to membership of D.A.R., 03-27-1928: "We Americans", the motion picture which is to open at the Colony Theatre, Broadway near 53rd Street on March 28th is of such an unusual nature that I feel the Daughters of the American Revolution should take special notice of it. Happily it is so amusing and diverting as to make it well worth seeing and in addition the story directly affects the work of our society. There will be two performances daily at 2:30 and 8:30 P.M. The theme of the picture, as the title indicates, is the Americanization of the foreign-born, with emphasis laid on the problems of the first and second generations of newcomers to adjust themselves to the changed conditions of their lives. Last year you will remember the Director of the picture, Mr. Edward Sloman, came to New York where there was brought to his assistance the expert advice of Americanization and Immigration groups and those men and women engaged in the work of education and leading the foreign-born in this country.I have had the opportunity of seeing the picture and regard it as an outstanding achievement of the screen. I was entertained throughout the showing and I came away with a new consciousness of what America means and what my own share in its building must be. As National chairman of better Films, I urge you to see the picture and to call it to the attention of as many of the Daughters as you can.

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