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Universal has doubts about aspects of the scenario of Grease Paint, which it proposes to film. They refer the question to Joy, who duly asks Hays to take it up with the Catholics and with Herron re the characterization of an Austrian.


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UNIVERSAL. 1928. Letter from Joy to Hays Re "Grease Paint", 03-23-1928 :I am sending herewith a copy of the scenario called "Grease Paint. "Please have someone consult Catholic authority and also ask Col. Herron to check up the character of Franz the Viennese. You will note that Universal contemplates it as a picture. They sent it to me here in Chicago by air-mail, because they have some doubt about the attitude of the Catholic church towards it. It seems to me that the ending might be changed a bit so that it would appear that the training which Fernandi had received in the monastery made it possible for him to forgive the sins committed against him by Franz and Eva. This happens just before Franz dies. Please wire me your findings.

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