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Confidential memo
Dr Arthur H. DeBra
Carl E. Milliken
Reel 5
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Pathé - King of Kings

First indication that big trouble is in the offing with the Jewish protest against King of Kings.


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PATH - KING OF KINGS. 1928. Confidential Memo from Debra to Milliken re "King of Kings", 16 November 1927: Another nationalist cyclone is in prospect! I think you should immediately press the matter of the report from Rabbi Wise and Hugo Riesenfeld as regards "The King of Kings" and that we must take some very definite and immediate action to forestall another "Callahans and Murphys" situation. Please run through the attached copies of the Jewish Daily Bulletin - having in mind your visit with Mr. John Simons, the Secretary - which give evidence of a well planned and concerted move to forestall the showing of "The King of Kings" in Europe. The fact that the Jewish Daily Bulletin is nothing more nor less than a scandal sheet trading on the Jewish fear of persecution, won't help us much. Please bear in mind Mr. Hays' comment to me that he wanted this whole matter followed up and would hold us responsible if it were not properly handled. [Note: "Callahans and Murphys" seems to have been a film that was forced out of circulation by Irish protests.]

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