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Dr Arthur H. DeBra
Mr Cecil B. DeMille, Cecil B. DeMille Productions
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Pathé - Godless Girl

Cecil B. DeMille Roadshow production, The Godless Girl anti-atheistic, primarily an expose of conditions in Juvenile Correction Centres. DeBra nervous because neither he nor Joy have seen scenario, and the movie's press release promotes scenes that are chiefly gruesome, sadistic and sensational. Several reformatory wardens express their concern, especially since DeMille tried to get access to film in institutions under false pretenses. He claims to have conducted investigations in over 40 states -- 1 in file.protests


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The Godless Girl protests prior to the event about the treatment of juvenile reformatories, to both DeMille and Hays/Milliken. In one memo, 08 March 1928, DeBra makes the point that neither Joy nor any other MPPDA people have been permitted to know anything of the plot -- this "has led me to believe that Mr. DeMille really intends to make a picture, the purpose of which is to stir up public indignation over the management and operation of schools or institutions for the care not only of delinquent children but orphaned ones as well."22 March 1928 DeMille to the Governor of Vermont: "The research work on The Godless Girl has brought to light the most amazing collection of data concerning those institutions which are being mismanaged in a most deplorable manner and my agents have secured signed statements and sworn affidavits from those who have suffered under these frightful conditions. Every incident used in this picture is taken from an actual happening that has occurred in some one institution. I am stating this point very clearly in the foreword of The Godless Girl, and am emphasizing the existence of such excellent institutions as you mention and in which you may indeed take justifiable pride."

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