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Dr Arthur H. DeBra
Maurice McKenzie, Executive Assistant
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Hickman, W.E.

In January, William Edward Hickman murdered Marian Parker. Since then, he has been featured in a newsreel (including Death Row scenes) and has been made the subject of a feature by Melba Pictures. In both cases there has been a deal of protest (letters included). This memo illustrates the limits to which the MPPDA can go when trying to suppress trouble caused by a non-affiliate.


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HICKMAN. 1928. Memo from Debra to McKenzie re Hickman Pictures, 03-27-1928: Some confusion has arisen over the picture Col. Joy is discussing in his letter of March 24th and the two news reel Hickman episodes which were straightened out at a recent meeting with the news reel editors.We learned of the Hickman picture made by the Melba Film Company as soon as it was released. We caught it in an article in The Independent. Gov. Milliken immediately wrote to Mr. Strickland asking him to take an active interest in its repression. He in turn called the matter to the attention of the Attorney General of Texas who visited the Melba Film Company and impressed on them the desirability of discontinuing distribution if they wished to operate in that state.Word was also sent to the Film Board secretaries asking their cooperation in eliminating the distribution of this picture. This was about all we could do.

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