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Arthur M. Young, Economic Advisor, US Department of State
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Foreign relations - Geneva

Critique of French claims that they cannot their films distributed in the US. Contains a revealing paragraph about production as an unfortunate adjunct to distribution and exhibition.


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FOREIGN RELATIONS - GENEVA. 1928. Excerpt from unsigned letter (probably by Herron) to Arthur Young re priorities of production, distribution and exhibition, 03-07-1928: I imagine [the French] will probably go at it from the stand point that they have always said that the industry on this side has restricted the distribution of foreign pictures. This, of course, is not so, never has been so, and never will be so. Foreign pictures have had just as much chance for distribution here as domestic pictures have, and every picture that is made throughout the world, if it has the proper drawing value will be put on this market just as quickly as our distributors can lay hands on it. They would much prefer to have more foreign pictures and not have to make so many productions themselves. You probably realize that the production of motion pictures is a gamble. They fail in making a successful picture in a good many cases. If we could buy a finished product that is properly made from the stand point of the public instead of gambling on making this product, our distributors would be only too glad to do this.

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