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Federal Motion Picture Council

The Resolutions and Findings of the Sixth National Motion Picture Conference in Washington D.C., which this year show a greater than usual concern about the international impact of U.S. films.


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FEDERAL Motion Picture COUNCIL. 1928. Resolutions and Findings of the Sixth National Motion Picture Conference in Washington D.C. , November 27, 1928. Whereas Motion Pictures from the beginning have been directly available to children and since the industry continues to produce films detrimental to the immature, thereby failing to measure up to their obligations to the American public, and whereas it has failed to give appreciable response to the nineteen years of co-operation on the part of the public to improve the moral character of the films and whereas certain legislation is now pending. Therefore it is the sense of the sixth National Motion Picture Conference that we go on record as sponsoring Federal Regulation which would establish higher standards to be applied at the source of production and that we indorse Senator Walsh's senate resolution 245 for a Motion Picture investigation, and the Brookhart and Hudson Bills for the Federal Supervision of Motion Pictures. Whereas it is the findings of this conference that films have an unusual opportunity to interpret the life, customs, aspirations and ideals of the various Nations of the World and whereas they have too often presented the worst instead of the best thereby spreading International misunderstanding and whereas America is responsible for about 80% of the films of the world. Therefore be it resolved that we recommend such measures as will approve for International Commerce only films which will promote International understanding and good will and that we indorse Hon. Huston Thompson's recommendation upon the subject given at the meeting held in Washington, November 27, "That all Motion Pictures before being allowed to be sent abroad shall be submitted to the Secretary of Commerce for his approval or disapproval and that the Secretary of Commerce shall send to each Nation a list of all Motion Pictures admitted into foreign commerce with the statement as to whether each picture has been so approved or disapproved, and in case of disapproval the reasons for such disapproval. In view of the facts in hand, it is the sense of this conference that though Motion Pictures are growing mechanically and artistically better, they are growing morally worse. Resolved that we extend an invitation to all cooperating organizations which approve of the general principle of Federal Supervision and to the affiliated exhibitors, as well as to the unaffiliated exhibitors, each to send one representative to meet with a member representing the Federal Motion Picture Council in an attempt to agree upon some legislative program upon which we can unitedly ask Congress to provide for the Federal Supervision of the Motion Picture Industry. Wm. Sheafe Chase, General Secretary.

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