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Don'ts and Be Carefuls

There is concern about violation of the Don'ts and Be-Carefuls by non-member companies, as these are damaging the general reputation of the industry. Specific examples are given of eliminations made in three of Tiffany's recent pictures. The writer wants the companies to exclude such pictures from exhibition in their movie chains. Also included are two memos from Milliken to Hays which form the basis for the letter.


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Milliken to Hays, 10 September 1928, detailing violations of Don'ts by Tiffany. "I am not unmindful of the legal difficulties that might follow the suggestion that 'the motion picture trust is trying to prevent our pictures being shown', etc. But I believe some of these non-member companies, particularly Tiffany, are deliberate making pictures that are over the border line of good taste and definitely violate the 'Don'ts.' From a public relations standpoint, it would be fine to be obliged to defend a lawsuit occasioned by our insisting that these non-member companies live up to the standards the Association has adopted for its own members." 09-07-1928 Milliken suggested in a memo to Hays "For some time I have been wondering whether we ought not to give serious thought to the question of devising some sort of consultation service in this office for our member companies in the case of foreign and non-member pictures , which would correspond to the service rendered by Col. Joy on the coast during the production of our own pictures."

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